Use RTF files for guaranteed compatibility

Some of you are having problems sending your documents as attachments. Or, your instructor is having problems opening those attachments because she doesn't have the same word processing document as you do.

This set of instructions will explain how to change those documents into another format, RTF, which is a more generic, common format that is readable by almost all computer systems.

  1. After you've finished writing your paper, save it in the special RTF format (rich text format). From the FILE option at the top of your screen, select SAVE AS, and in the new dialog box, look for the small downward pointing black arrow next to the Save as type: box.
  2. The down arrow is outlined in red in the picture below.

File save dialog box

  1. From the list that appears, select the *Rich Text Format (.rtf)** option.
  2. Then give it a name. The program will automatically add the ending .rtf to the name you choose.

If you don't have this option listed in your word processing program, then use the Text Only (*.txt) option. This will take away all your paragraphs, indents, bolds and italicized formatting, but the words at least will appear.

Your instructor will be able to open either of these options, whether it came from a Mac or a PC, from most other programs.